An Animal Was Brought To A Shelter, But No One Could Agree On What It Actually Was…


The unique creature had a brown hair, brown eyes and lacked the black distinguishing mark on her face. Some argued that she was a small fox. It was later confirmed that she was a partial albino raccoon. She was named Betty White by her caretakers in the animal shelter at Hope for Wildlife in Nova Scotia.

The raccoon truly looked like a small fox and was unlike all other albino raccoons who had a lighter fur shade and eye color.

Her dark brown eyes show that she is not a true albino. The veterinarian in the Hope for Wildlife stated that her blonde color could be attributed to the lack of melanin in the skin and hair follicles. In the two decades that the organization had been operative, they have only seen her kind twice. She was truly a special animal. She was kept in a box filled with hay, and it was built that way to make her comfortable till when she can go back to the wild. The box is about the same size as the den she would have been living in if she were out in the wild.

The unique creature was camera shy, but the staff of the organization stated that she was okay and warm until she can go back to the wild. The blonde raccoon has been getting star treatment ever since she arrived the shelter. Everyone wants to see the adorable raccoon that looks like a fox.

The raccoon was brought to the shelter by a family who had a farm and some chickens. They were worried about the safety of their chickens and instead of trying to get rid of the raccoon who just wanted a warm place to stay, they took her to the shelter. For families who have a similar wildlife problem on their property, they can employ a method of using loud music and lights to drive them away. It’s almost like disturbing a neighbor, play loud music and shine lights on them. The animals will move because that venue would be too noisy to raise young ones.
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Betty White will only stay in the shelter until the end April when the weather conditions are better. She will leave and hopefully be relocated to a place where she will be far away from chickens and humans who may harm her.

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