Animal Aid Knows No Boundaries In Animal Rescue


This is absolutely one of the most authentic and stunning animal rescuer that you will ever see. The all out focus of the men from India in saving a dog makes this video one that you must share with everyone you know.


Local people alerted the Animal Aid workers to strange noises that were coming from a sewer opening. The sounds do not even sound like a dog at all. It sounds like a cow in distress.

A dog had fallen into a cesspit that had the cover left off or taken to sell for the metal in the cover. The men finally see the dog after one man named Raj bravely crawls into the tiny opening while the other two rescuers hold his legs.

The dog that comes out of the sewer is black with sewer filth. The men immediately clean the dog up on site as much as possible and take the animal to a shelter. The men seem to have no regard for their own safety compared to the safety of the dog that they rescued.

Raj and other people at the shelter clean the dog up. The dog turns out to be light brown and white. The transformation from a greasy nasty pooch to a normal looking dog is astounding.

The animal gets intravenous liquids and after just a few days is pronounced healthy and amazingly free of disease. Raj works with the dog that is terrified of people for a few days and the animal responds to the extent that he nuzzles and licks his new friend like the man was the first person that ever showed the dog any kindness.

This video is a must share. The absolute lack of concern that the rescuers have for themselves is an expression of love and courage. The transformation and recovery of the dog from what most people would expect to be certain doom are triumphant and gloriously heartwarming.

The video asks for financial help in saving lost puppies. If this rescue is an example of the dedication to helping abandoned and distressed animals that the organization has then they are absolutely worthy of receiving a little money from you.

Share this video and do your little bit to support an extremely worthy and dedicated group of people in India and across the world that risk themselves every day to save the lives of animals. A small contribution can go a long way in helping a dog get out of a sewer or worse.

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