Angry Cockatoo Throws A Temper Tantrum When Asked To Return To Her Cage


Birds, especially cockatoos, have a reputation for being able to talk. They will often mimic what they hear around the house, and this bird is really proof that he has probably heard plenty of bad language at his house.

The bird is walking around on the floor and you can hear his owner ask him to go into his cage. That’s when he absolutely throws a temper tantrum, cursing and screaming that he doesn’t want to go in there. It’s absolutely hysterical to hear just how I rate this comment two is about going into his cage.

The owner is talking to him, and tried to calm him down. The cockatoo shows no signs of slowing down, and if you listen carefully, there are a few “f bombs” thrown around within his language. What makes this video so funny is that the owner picks up on it too, and is talking about how the bird is too sweet to be talking like that.

He is in a full temper tantrum, and feels like he needs to get everything off of his chest before he can even think about going into his cage. The tirade goes on for about three minutes, and it will have you laughing the entire time.

You can imagine a child having the same reaction when they are being told to go to their room. No one wants to be sent away to their room when there is obviously more things going on the outside. This cockatoo has been given some freedom, and has been able to get some time on the outside of this cage.

Now that he is asked to go back into his cage, he wants nothing to do with any of it, and he is going to expresses rage by yelling and carrying on. He has quite the potty mouth on him, which is so amusing because it is coming out of the beak of a bird.
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At the end of the video, you can hear his owner reassuring him that he loves the bird will matter what, despite the poor language that the bird has chosen to express himself with.

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