An Elephant Went To The Same Spot Every Day For Weeks. The Reason Is AMAZING.


This is the amazing story of Tarra and Bella. Despite the fact that one of them was an elephant and the other was a dog, the dynamic duo became very good friends and they remained up until Bella’s untimely death back in 2011. The clip you’re about to see provides valuable insight into this unusual kinship and allows the viewer to learn more about how Tarra and Bella were able to become BFFs (best friends forever).

As we are introduced to all of the animals who live at the sanctuary that Tarra and Bella once called home, one of the workers is quick to note that the relationship between these two is unlike any other that they have ever seen.

An Asian elephant who is 35 years old and a little dog do not seem like they would have very much in common, do they? Some of us might even be worried that Tarra would accidentally step on the tiny pup, but have no fear, this elephant truly cares for her canine companion and when Bella suffered a back injury, this connection was truly put to the test.

It would have been easy for Tarra to forget all about Bella, with so many acres to roam around in and so many activities to keep her busy on a daily basis. But life without her best friend was simply not the same and as a result, she put all of her usual frolicking to the side, in order to keep watch over Bella as her back healed.

Watching these two play together and enjoy meals alongside of one another is definitely a heartwarming experience. We guess that it is true what they say: opposites definitely attract and these two could not be more different. Love has a way of penetrating our barriers, making us forget our preconceived notions and allowing us to embrace the awesome power of friendship.

Tarra remained vigilant throughout Bella’s healing process, visiting her every single day. For three weeks straight, she made the journey and remained loyal to her pal. This elephant’s commitment to her BFF is enough to make us shed a tear.
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To learn more about this amazing friendship, be sure to watch this clip in its entirety. Although Bella is no longer with us, the clip will always live on, serving as a testament to the power of friendship. Take a moment to pass it along to your friends and family members.

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