What This Woman Does When She Sees A Pit Bull Is Going Viral.


I was shell shocked and angry when I came across this video of animal abuse in a social site and at the same time touched by the kind action of the lone woman rescuer passing by the street. How can humans be so heartless and cold? An innocent pit bull is being continuously tortured mercilessly by an angry mob who was hurling bricks, rocks and sticks at him. The dog sustained deep injuries in his face and head as a result of the ferocious attack.

Lucky for the dog, a woman who was passing by stops her vehicle and rescues the dog. As soon as she opens her car door and signals him to come in, the dog dashes into her car and his life is saved. It was a brave thing to do for the woman who chose to stand out in the crowd. The world needs many more people like her. I personally admire her courage and her big kind heart.

The woman took the dog to the vet and was given proper treatment till he was cured and handed him over to the Canine Cupids where he was taken into foster care in the safe hands of Milwaukee. A year after the tragic incident, the dog has found a happy home and now he is called by the name Frankie. I hope he enjoys his stay there and get all the love he deserves.


As a dog lover, I had tears in my eyes by the end of the video and watched it many times. Though the first part of the video is brutal, I shared it even with the children as I was deeply moved by the action of the woman and wanted them to learn the qualities of kindness and courage from her. I encourage you to share it with your friends and family too.

Animal rescue stories are always heartwarming. They make you still hope in humanity and look forward for a better world for the animals that live together with mankind. There are countless animals out there without home abandoned by owners due to one reason or another going without food and shelter. Animal rescue homes and organizations are doing their part but they cannot rescue them all.

If each person chooses to rescue one when he meets an abandoned pet or an animal in need of help, we will be adding up a lot of good together.

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