All You Need Is Foil, Glue, And Extra Buttons To Make THIS Cute Craft!


As all crafters know, there is never a shortage of unique, colorful and exciting buttons! From the unusual buttons on sale at the local sewing store to the pretty buttons you find on a ten cent item at a yard sale, a crafter just can’t get enough buttons! Here is a really cute, fun and easy idea of how to use the button surplus.

Take any plastic bowl. Line the bowl with tin foil. (A good quality, non-stick foil is easiest to work with) Lay your buttons to cover the bowl. The buttons do not need to be on top of each other but rather side-by-side with edges touching somewhere. A little overlapping is fine and should not affect anything. Cover with transparent glue and let dry. When it is dry, remove the foil and you have a bright and colorful button bowl! It is adorable and can be used for so many things.
These colorful and creative bowls are perfect for children to use to hold Crayons or small colored pencils. (I would not put candies inside them for fear that a button could work loose and mix.)

These bowls make great crafters gifts. Fill the bowl with small supplies like buttons (lol) and glue sticks. Add ribbon and scraps of fabric. These are small items all crafters need and will grab for quickly.
They make a fun way to collect and save coins. Use them for hair accessories, clips or pony-tail holders. Fill it with small make-up items for your pre-teen. The ideas are endless!

Remember, the bowls are meant to be unique. The rim need not be perfectly straight. The bowl does not have to be round. It can be oblong or square. It can be larger or smaller.

You can divide your buttons into specific color shades. You can divide them into themes. The different shapes, colors and designs are what make the bowl creative.

This is also a safe and easy craft to allow the grandchildren to do. Check your glue carefully. You will want glue that is transparent and that holds well but is non-toxic. Let the children get creative. Let them search through old clothes for unusual buttons to remove and save for their craft project. Teach them how to re-use buttons, and scraps of fabric that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. Train them to have a crafters eye! They may want to add glitter. Perhaps they want to add a liner to the inside so the buttons show on the outside but the inside is felt or even fur! Perhaps they want to make a set of them in different sizes, colors or shapes. The only limitation is the imagination!

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