After Years Of Eating Junk Food, Obese Dachshund Finally Starts Losing Weight


Dogs are known for being happy, mobile, free-spirited, energetic creatures with lively personalities. However, in order for dogs to stay true to their vibrant natures, they must be cared for and eat nutritious, healthy food and be given the opportunity to exercise regularly. Vincent the dachshund was neither happy nor lively when turned over to the Houston Texas K-9 Angels dog rescue. In fact, Vincent was morbidly obese!

Weighing in at almost 40 pounds, Vincent was the biggest little dog that the K-9 Angels Rescue had ever seen. He was turned over when his owner passed away. The poor little orphan dog was extremely unhealthy, couldn’t get around well, and very sluggish. It was discovered that he had been eating nothing but fast food, and therefore was struggling to survive. It was truly tragic to see him waddle into the rescue center alone and unhealthy.

However, this was not the end for Vincent! Luckily for him, he was adopted by a loving foster mom, who saw to it that his diet and exercised be improved right away. The almost 40 pound little dog was lovingly put to work in eating a strict and nutritious diet to help him shed the excess weight. He also was put onto an exercise routine including water aerobics to help his mobility and weight loss.

Vincent is now losing weight and feeling better every single day. 5 days out of the week he spends in the pool practicing swimming, exercising, and bonding with his new foster mom. He is also feeling lots better with his new nutritious diet, and is shedding weight! Vincent is feeling happier and livelier, even with just the loss of his first 3 pounds. His world has been turned upside-down for the better.

Watch the little sausage go from being fat, lethargic, and unhappy to splashing around in the pool, playing with his new mom, and enjoying life again. With no more fast food, Vincent is on his way to a healthier life. He still does get treats every once in a while – he loves green beans!

Vincent is making new doggie friends in order to help him with his grieving process and to socialize. Hanging out with his new friends, Vincent is motivated to move around more as he plays. Before, it was hard for him to even be able to get up and walk. Now, he is slowly learning to navigate stairs, backyards, and especially his pool.
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Vincent is an inspiring pooch whose dedication and hard work is paying off. When he’s not exercising or playing with friends, he is receiving lots of love from his new foster mom. Vincent’s new life is full of happiness and health, and his wagging tail proves it!

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