After Driving For 200 Miles, He Hears Sounds Coming From The Front Of His Car… OMG!


Stray dogs are somewhat hard to avoid and many drivers have ended up striking them without even knowing that they were there in the first place. This is a rather unfortunate reality and while drivers do feel an immense sense of guilt, this is one of the side effects that takes place when there are so many dogs and not enough forever homes.

Other drivers hold themselves responsible for the events that take place when they are behind the wheel and these drivers are not able to let themselves off the hook so easily. This guilt is compounded when the dog is unable to survive their injuries or their quality of life is negatively impacted by the ordeal.

The dog in this story was able to triumph over the adversity of being struck by an oncoming car, but not in the way that you would typically expect. Unlike other dogs who are found after the fact, laying by the side of the road, this pup had a completely different experience altogether.


This story takes place in China, where a man was driving along one day, minding his own business and happened to strike a dog. While this may seem like business as usual and most would carry on as if nothing happened, this tale has a twist that is most unusual.


When he first struck the dog, he figured that it must have a glancing bowl, that the animal had simply run off. In his mind, the dog had either run away or passed away. He did not realize that the poor pooch became wedged in his bumper!

He kept driving, not realizing the predicament that he had left the dog in until he heard the sounds of barking coming from the front of the vehicle. As he finally went to investigate the commotion, he saw the animal trapped inside of the vehicle’s bumper.


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The driver took immediate action, driving nearly 250 miles to the nearest vet’s office, so that the animal could get the help they needed. Fortunately, the dog turned out to be perfectly okay and the man was able to breathe a major sigh of relief.


This story has a very happy ending, though. The man took pity on the poor dog, bringing him home with him and adopting him the very next day. Please share away, everyone!

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