After 68 Years, She Finally Discovers What Happened to Her Husband Lost at War… And It Breaks My Heart


The wife in this clip watched her newlywed husband go off to war 68 years ago, a mere six weeks after they were married. While this fact is enough to break hearts in and of itself, the plot thickens and the story is even deeper. This dutiful wife spent the past 68 years in a state of confusion as to what happened to her husband at war.
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The truth was finally revealed and the results will surprise, astound and likely move you to tears. Her husband’s name was Billie Harris and he fought on the side of America in World War II. Unfortunately, he was shot down in July of 1944 and killed when his plane went down in a Nazi occupied area of France.

His wife’s name is Peggy and she hails from Vernon, Texas. Her mourning period never stopped and she waited to hear the truth for many years. Peggy did not ever remarry and she maintains the same love for her fallen husband that she had 68 years ago. She never knew what happened to her husband and to this day, she still misses the man that she calls her only true love.

Unfortunately, Peggy never learned of her husband’s true fate, due to mistakes that were made during the process of communication. As such, she had lived the entirety of her life assuming that her husband was missing and not actually dead. This allowed her to keep the faith and hope that one day, her beloved would come back home to her.

Learning that the husband you thought was missing is actually dead would be the most amazing aspect of the story to most people. But there is no way Peggy could have prepared herself for what was about to happen next. Not only was her precious Billie gone, but the city where he was laid to rest had found a unique way to commemorate his bravery.

Billie had fought for the freedom of America in Normandy and the town has allowed his legacy to live on long after his passing. At three different moments each year, the entire town marches, to preserve the memory of those who fought for their freedom in World War II. The main road in the town has been named after Billie Harris and Normandy considers him to be one of the most pivotal soldiers for them to pay tribute to.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing occurrence, be sure to watch the video below. Billie Harris’ legacy continues to live on, a whole 60 years after his death and by sharing this video with your friends and family, you can ensure that his legacy does not die out as the years pass.

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