After 20 Years Of Imprisonment, This Big Cat Is Set Free


This poor mountain lion was forced to live the majority of its life in captivity. He spent the bulk of his existence chained to the back of a truck. After a long, painful struggle, the mountain lion was finally freed, granting him a highly anticipated opportunity to experience a life of freedom.


The mountain lion’s name is Mufasa. He had been imprisoned by an illegal Peruvian circus. In all likelihood, he was sold into servitude as an infant and was never given a chance at a normal life. It is hard to imagine a mountain lion being trucked from village and village and made to perform for crowds, but this was the day to day reality for Mufasa.

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Unlike many circus performers, Mufasa did not even have a cage to call his own. He was essentially homeless and when he was not being forced to perform, he was chained to the back of a truck, where he would also sleep each night. He was chained in an open bed and made his bed behind the big top’s tent poles.


The president of Animal Defenders International, Jan Creamer, has spoken out about the atrocious treatment that Mufasa was forced to stomach. It broke her heart to watch this majestic creature’s spirit be broken and it hurt even more to see him making a home in the back of a pickup tuck.


Mufasa spent much of his time wrapped in a heavy chain, as well as several harnesses. When they were finally cut away, it was as if Mufasa was experiencing the world around him for the very first time. In the eyes of his rescuers, he barely even seemed to be alive.


Thanks to the good people at Animal Defenders International, stories like Mufasa’s will hopefully become a thing of the past. They have been cracking down on illegal circuses and are not afraid to fight the “owners” of these animals tooth and nail for their freedom.


The mountain lion had experienced such severe neglect when he was freed, he was underweight, nervous and fearful of humans. Once help arrived, he was transported to a Lima, Peru rescue center. Their efforts helped to improve his overall health and disposition.


The Taricaya Ecological Reserve is now his home and Mufasa certainly enjoys having the ability to move about freely. Watch Mufasa’s rescue and be sure to donate to Animal Defenders International, so that Mufasa can enjoy his twilight years and other animals in his position can receive the help they need.


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