Adorable Kittens Were Snuggling, But When I Saw Their Mommy I Gasped


The mother that you are about to meet recently gave birth to a litter of puppies and by all accounts, they are definitely doing great. But this story goes much deeper than a typical mother giving birth to a litter of puppies.

You see, a group of kittens was recently brought into the shelter, three kittens who did not have a mother to look after them. The mother dog in this clip simply could not abide this injustice and she decided to take over where their missing mother had left off.

Even though the kittens were vastly different from her own brood, this mother was able to love them just the same. After all, isn’t that what any child needs from their parent? With just a little bit of love and guidance, these kittens will hopefully be able to reach their true potential and also find themselves a forever home with a family that cares for them.

This mama not only keeps guard over her adopted babies, but she also keeps them clean and lets them spend time with her own little group of fur babies. The kittens are kept warm and with some help from the shelter staff, they remain well fed, too.

Just try to take a look at this adorable video, without having your heart melt into a puddle:

This mother dog is doing everything in her power to ensure the continued protection of her little ones. Watching this dog become a dedicated mother will certainly make your day. Family is not determined by blood, it is determined by choice, a lesson that has certainly not been lost on this unique family. This beautiful story needs to be shared, so pass it along to your family and friends!

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