Adorable Husky Misses Limbs, But Watch Him Walk For The First Time!


Missing limbs tend to make life much more challenging, for both humans and dogs alike. Remaining mobile and continuing to enjoy life to the fullest becomes incredibly difficult. Now imagine how hard life without limbs can be for a new puppy who is super eager to run around and play.

This husky’s name is General. Unfortunately, he suffers from a deformity that has robbed him of the ability to use his legs. While he cannot get around as easily as he used to, he does not allow his condition to rob him of his spirit.

A special wheelchair was crafted for General, one that will keep his chest from hitting the ground and ensure that his days are not spent cooped up in a corner. The wheelchair provides him with a much needed opportunity to stay active.

This sort of ingenuity deserves kudos. Many dogs in General’s state are left to die and they often struggle to find forever homes. Most families do not want to take on a disabled animal and would much rather select a companion who is ambulatory and needs very little assistance.

By giving him a wheelchair to get around with, General’s caretakers are able to rest easy, knowing that his muscles will not begin to atrophy. Plus, reducing his reliance on the kindness of others to get around serves to boost his self esteem and make him a much happier animal. Take a moment to watch this amazing video and see General in action for yourself.

He no longer has to scoot around and his wheelchair has made him much faster than before. General can chase a ball and run around with other puppies, without any restriction. Whenever a toy is thrown, he can chase it with the sort of reckless abandon that serves to endear him to his caretakers.

General is still growing, of course, and he will continue to need wheelchairs in the future. But thanks to the hard work of his owners, he can run around and burn all of his excess energy. General does not let his condition keep him from walking like a big dog.

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