Adorable Puppy Born With Two Legs Gets A Chance To Walk Again!


This adorable little white ball of fur was rescued at two weeks old by Friends of the Shelter Dogs in Ohio, a not for profit rescue group that rescues and provides shelter for dogs. Life is tough enough for a puppy today, but little Tumbles seemed to get dealt a double dose of tough. Tumbles was not only the runt of the litter who was constantly being pushed away by his siblings preventing him to nurse, this little guy was also born missing his two front legs.


When he was first brought into the shelter volunteers were not sure if he was going to even survive according to Karen Pilcher, Tumbles foster mom. But with extra rations of love, affection and some extra bottles of milk given to him by shelter volunteers, Tumbles is not only surviving, he’s thriving AND it won’t be long before he will be running and jumping around like any other young pup his age. This adorable puppy, already full of energy loves to play with his favorite stuffed toy, imagine how much fun he will have once he can get around even quicker with ‘four legs’.


Days later after seeing this bundle of curtness on a Facebook post, a couple called the shelter with an idea to help Tumbles get a second chance, well maybe we should call it his first chance, at being able to walk, run and play like any other puppy. The couple had come up with a remarkable idea to create a two-wheel contraption to attach to the front part of his torso to help him walk on ‘all fours’. With the assistance of Ohio University Innovation Center this puppy prototype ‘wheelchair’ using a 3-D Printer was designed and created.


It took him a little bit of adjustment when the wheelchair was first strapped on Tumbles, he seemed more interested in chewing on it than wearing it, but then he is a puppy after all. After a few minutes and a couple unexpected somersaults, he seems to ‘settle in’ to the idea. Watching this adorable two-legged little puppy learning to walk on his back legs using the wheels instead of his little nose and chin is really sweet to watch.


At six weeks old Tumbles still has some growing to do so the 3-D printed wheelchair will of course be adjusted to allow for growth. The wheels on the first version are a bit too big for his tiny body, so a newer more streamlined wheelchair with smaller wheels is in the works for Tumbles.


For now he is getting lots of physical therapy to help him learn to walk properly and once he gets fitted with his new wheelchair the possibilities are endless for Tumbles. Watch this adorable video as Tumbles has his first lesson using his new wheelchair legs. You will instantly fall in love with this adorable little champ as you witness his first attempts at walking on ‘all fours’. SHARE THIS!

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