An Abused Puppy Had Completely Given Up. But Watch When The Police Arrive…


There are some videos that are incredibly touching and emotional to watch. This video is most definitely in that category. In this video, an abused puppy who has witnessed the raw deal of life seems to already be giving up, but when the police arrive, they take care of the dog and he starts to regain his health after a while. After a long recovery period, this pup starts to regain his health. This video shows both ends of the spectrum of human emotion which involve the heartless individual who abused a harmless animal and the dog’s rescuers who showed a tremendous amount of love and care in order to get him back on his feet.
Abused & Abandoned puppy hopeful after the police arrive

On a cold Florida night, the police responded to a call reporting a case of abuse. This was not your regular case of abuse. As the police approached the vicinity, they were confronted with the most disheartening sight. They saw a dog curled up on the lawn that appeared to have been severely abused. They found an abandoned dog near the Everglades in Florida, and the people who reported the case to the police informed them that the dog had been curled up on the floor all day. The only movement the dog had made all day was just to adjust himself within the ball he had curled himself up to. To most onlookers, he already seemed dead, except for the little signs of life that he showed as his body moved while breathing. The fact that he was noticed was even commendable on its own, considering how his seemingly lifeless body had been lying on the side of a busy highway.

The dog seemed to be dazed and confused, but started to respond to the signs of kindness he was being shown. With his bloody face and even bloodier eyes, he gazed at the individuals who had decided to show him a little love and affection.

The individuals who had made the call to the police spoke about how bad they felt just leaving the dog out there in the cold. After he was given food and water by the police, he started to regain some mobility and seemed a lot more hopeful. This touching video shows that all lives matter, irrespective of the individual or animal involved. As they wrapped a warm blanket around him, he slightly shivered but the greatest look of appreciation showed all over his face.

The dog was rescued, fed and carried to the deputy’s car. The dog had surgery on both eyes in order to properly regain his sight. The deputies took him to get proper healthcare and he started to regain consciousness and displayed signs of life.
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This is one of those videos which show that every life matters. Irrespective of the life form, people need to show care and love where it is needed. The dog was taken to an animal rescue centre where he was rested for four weeks before he had a surgery on both eyes. After a series of tests and antibiotics, he started to get better and eventually got back to full health.

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