This Abused Dog Was Too Terrified To Even Look At Her Rescuers… But Watch What They Do Next.


One of the saddest aspects of animal abuse is the fact that it keeps would be loving pets from being able to become the loving companions that they were destined to be. Once an animal has experienced abuse at the hands of a cruel human, it is very hard for them to open their hearts and learn how to trust again.


This is especially for our friend Angel here. The pup in this clip was treated so badly by the humans who were responsible for taking care of her, she developed a habit of staring straight ahead and remaining positioned in one corner of the room. We cannot begin to imagine the type of monsters who are to blame for instilling this sort of behavior in an innocent pup and we hope that they never owned another dog after Angel was rescued from their clutches.

This story takes place in Ireland, where she was given a second chance by the good people at the PAWS Animal Rescue organization. The greyhound mix had no idea how it felt to be loved and cared for and it showed in her skittish demeanor. When she was brought to her home, she refused to turn around and face anyone, preferring to remain in the corner where she felt the safest.

The abuse that she went through left her with a great deal of trauma and it was unclear as to whether she would be able to get over her fears. According to her rescuers, she would spend days facing the same wall and could not bear to face her new caretakers, no matter what soothing tones they used to speak to her.

To make matters even worse, Angel would not eat her food unless she was alone and no one was watching. But Angel’s personality would soon change, once a dog from the same pound that she was rescued from joined at her at the rescue facility. To find out more about the arrival of Angel’s new buddy and how this led to a change in her demeanor, be sure to watch the remainder of this heartwarming clip.
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Clips like these need to be shared with a wider audience, so that much needed awareness is raised about the long term consequences of animal abuse. The animal that is abused today will often struggle to develop meaningful connections with humans tomorrow and if you see something, you should definitely say something.

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