An Abandoned Zoo In Yemen Plays Host To Lions Who Haven’t Eaten In Weeks


This story is set in the nation of Yemen, a place that is not commonly associated with animal rescue and care. Would you believe that this country is also home to an abandoned zoo? Yes, you read that right: an entire zoo full of animals was left to die in the city of Taiz. The animals who have the misfortune of residing in this zoo have not eaten for several weeks and this includes the lions who were also left there.

Most of us picture lions as fearless animals who could never go without, since they are blessed with the speed and the ferocity to hunt down their meals with relative ease. While no one seems to know the exact reasoning why this zoo full of innocent animals was abandoned, it is believed that the rising tensions in the area led to these animals being forced to fend for themselves.

As you can see, the animals are not doing well. Weeks without adequate food or hydration have left these creatures in a bad way. Some have tried to remedy the situation by offering food and water to the lions, but a decided lack of supplies has left their needs completely unmet. Unless these animals are rescued soon, they are going to die inside of this zoo and this is a fate that no living creature deserves.

This image provides a small window into the suffering that these animals have been forced to experience.

The good people at Four Paws International are doing absolutely everything within their power to offer assistance to these lions. However, they are not able to access the resources that they need while in Yemen and time is starting to run out for these once majestic animals.

Their contacts are limited, as well as their food and water, which is making the rescue of the lions far more difficult. Some reports state that the male lion at this abandoned zoo has already passed away as a result of these conditions and observers fear that the rest of the animals will be next.

We pray that a miracle takes place soon, so that these animals are able to find a fitting home and be rescued from the squalor and hunger that they are currently living in. With any luck, these animals can head back home soon and receive the care that they need. Please share this story, in order to raise awareness about their plight.


Four Paws International are doing their best to rescue these lions but because they have limited resources and limited contacts in Yemen, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them. There are reports that the male lion has already died. Let’s hope that some miracle happens and these poor animals head back home. Share away, people.

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