Abandoned Puppies Get A Shower For The First Time


There is nothing more hurtful than seeing an abandoned, homeless puppy out in the cold. We often wonder how the owners would have heart to throw the puppy out in the first place. Some of them may even be lost. Whatever the reason, it can break anyone’s heart seeing a lost puppy out on the streets.

Volunteer worker Claire Fowler has spent a number of years working for DFW Rescue Me in Dallas, Texas. She has grown largely accustomed to seeing different kinds of animals in sad situations. This does not make her impervious to the emotional pain. She was devastated to see three puppies that were just three weeks old discarded in a plastic bag in a dumpster. Rescuers were able to get to the puppies right on time thankfully. They took them for foster care and Claire decided to film the puppies whilst they were having their very first shower. They seem to have enjoyed it a lot more than expected.
It must have broken Claire’s heart to see the puppies in the dumpster, but she definitely would be feeling a lot better seeing how they seem to enjoy their very first bath. They close their eyes as they are held under the running water. The puppies seem to be really enjoying their very first shower. The puppies are so laid back as they take their first bath and they almost even fall asleep. Afterwards, the puppies look pretty snug as they are wrapped in a towel and dried off.

This is one of those videos that you watch and you get filled with so much warmth and emotion. As Claire explains their story in the video, the puppies lie in her palms as they take a little nap. Their little bodies have been through a whole lot, they definitely need all the pampering they can possibly get. The video makes you wonder how anyone could have been so cruel to throw these adorable little puppies in the dumpster. The great part is, they look a lot better now. Thank goodness Claire found them, who knows what would have happened to these cute little guys.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=vwdo0mmmb8I”]
This video would fill you up with a wide range of emotion from hearing the about tough ordeal the puppies have had to go throw, to watching them comfortably relax knowing everything is going to be alright.

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