Abandoned Pit Bull Covered In Ticks And Maggots, Finds Love…At Last


Thanks to the media, pitbulls are often portrayed as senseless brutes who do not deserve to be loved. As a result, people have very little sympathy for them, which results in them being cast out into the street with no hope for survival.

Most people do not wish to open their homes to this particular breed, because of how they are perceived. This is probably why the stray in this story lived on the streets for so long, before finally locating a happy home.


Ghetto Rescue FFoundation found her living outside and she was covered in ticks, maggots and other parasites. Her weight had dwindled to a mere 26 pounds, her fur was in a state of disrepair and it looked like she had all but given up on life. Who was going to take in a pitbull who was on the verge of death?


It was plain to see that she had been living outdoors for far too long. A lot of people had ignored her, most likely out of fear. The pup was alone and desperate and no one was willing to take the necessary steps to provide her with the help she needed.

One concerned citizen finally decided to contact the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation and put this pitbull’s misery to a merciful end. They brought her in and began to offer the necessary medical attention.


She has now been rechristened as Spirit Golden Heart and her story should serve as a valuable inspiration to us all. She is now completely free of all maggots and ticks and her condition improves on a daily basis.

While her blood count remains low, medical observers are optimistic about her ability to become fully rehabilitated. The pup is now capable of standing on her own for extended periods and is able to consume food by herself, but she still has a long way to go.


Spirit will never, ever give up, even in the face of overwhelming odds. If she can pick herself up and dust herself off after a traumatic experience, why can’t you?

This brave pup’s story needs to be shared, so that your friends and family can also appreciate the indomitable will that Spirit Golden Heart was displayed. Her ability to overcome an adverse situation and make her way through a very real struggle is commendable and we can only wish for a small fraction of her grit and determination.

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[If you want to adopt or know more info here: GRFF]

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