Abandoned On Christmas, Would Toby Survive?



Toby was an eleven year old German Sheppard and he had a problem. Toby had grown a tumor on his back end. His owner put him in the car on Christmas Eve and Toby enjoyed his ride through the country. Then they arrived at their destination.


The employees at the East Valley Animal Shelter saw the gentle dog happily enter with his master. They were surprised when the owner explained that Toby had a tumor on his back end and because of that tumor, he wanted to surrender his dog.

The staff explained that there were other options. That a veterinarian could examine Toby and even if it was determined that Toby was too sick for treatment, he could stay with him and comfort his old friend while he was humanely and painlessly put down. They advised the owner that if he would just wait and take Toby to the veterinarian in the following few days they were sure there would be financial assistance to help with the expense.

The owner refused. He stated that he did not want to chance Toby dying on Christmas day and ruining the holiday. With tears in their eyes, they had no choice but to accept the fee and the poor old dog.

Toby wagged his tail as his human owner patted his head and then turned and walked away for the last time.


Toby’s story did not end there. Thanks to the staff at East Valley Animal Shelter; the word was sent out and people came in to assist Toby. Toby was adopted and provided with much needed medical care. Today he is in treatment and with a new family that love him.

Christmas is a day of love. It is a day of family and fun but mostly it is a day of miracles. Because of the wonder of the day and one families fear that their dog could take away their joy; Toby was abandoned and deserted. It is hard to understand that loss of a family pet would be somehow acceptable if it were by their own choice that it occurred on Christmas. It is hard to understand the limit of compassion.

But Toby got his Christmas miracle. He was given a new home with people who loved him enough to provide the care he needs.

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