Abandoned Kitten Surprises Everyone With His Transformation


Nothing is worse than when you’re mind your own business, driving along the road only to discover an animal on the side of the road, helpless and alone. Finding stray dogs that are big and tough is already heartbreaking enough, but when you imagine finding a kitten, barely bigger than the size of your palm, dirty from being on the streets and so sick, it becomes one of the saddest thoughts you will think.

Throw in the fact that only 1 out of 10 animals that are born will end up finding a forever home and the tears start coming. What are you supposed to do in that situation? Of course, stopping and grabbing the kitten is instinctual, but the vast majority of people don’t have the resources to adopt a kitten on the whim.

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A lot of people have agreements in their rental contracts, children or loved ones to think about that might even be allergic, or maybe their financial situation wouldn’t allow them to adopt a new pet, and taking animals to the pound is a horrible compensation prize considering that each year, two to three million cats and dogs are killed by shelters that have no room left to house the poor creatures.

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The worst part is that a lot of the shelters that claim to be no kill end up sending the animals to doggie and kitty heaven just like the rest of them, because of overcrowding and not enough adoption fees.


Enter the story of Sir Silas, a white kitten that was found abandoned on the side of the road by a gracious couple that resides in Florida. The couple pulled over and picked up the young kitten, who was covered in dirt and had swollen and blood shot eyes.

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Nobody will ever know for sure what Sir Silas went through on those lonely streets in Florida, but now that he has found a family to love him, he won’t have to endure that ever again.


The best part about Sir Silas’ story is how after weeks of nutrition, multiple vet visits, and a whole lot of cat food, he gained weight and developed one of the most beautiful white coats anybody has ever seen. Imagine being the family that threw out that beautiful and innocent kitten, only to discover he was one of the most lovable creatures later in life.


Sir Silas has many more Christmas’ ahead of him with his wonderful family.

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