Abandoned Dog Who Ate Rocks And Twigs To Survive, Gets A Second Chance


When you see the photos of this dog, in its emaciated state, you will wonder how in the world this animal is still alive. This is the result of a diet that consisted mainly of rocks and twigs. This pup was found while wandering the streets one day and was immediately brought in for the proper medical attention.

He was certainly glad to have been found, but understandably fearful in the early going. But the chance for a new life, with a warm bed to sleep in and delicious (and edible) food to eat each day was simply too much for him to pass up.


Having people that love and care for him is also important. He was named Alex and his rescuers can still remember the piercing gaze that the Weimaraner gave them when he was first found. All it took was a few scratches on the ear to melt his heart and Alex went with his rescuers fairly readily by stray dog standards.


The vets discovered problems with Alex’s stomach, which flopped as soon as he was in their care. They performed immediate surgery on the pup and he was brought home by his new foster mother, to start a new life. She was tasked with helping him during the recovery stage.


All it took was ten days for Alex to gain ten pounds. He was also able to enjoy playing with his Weimaraner siblings. The group of happy animals played together, ran around together and even managed to successfully share toys with one another.

The dogs even filled their living room with stuffing from the toys that they carelessly ripped apart, so there is definitely room for improvement. But his foster mother still decided to adopt Alex and make him a permanent member of her family, even after his mischievous behavior. After all, nobody’s perfect, right?


The fact that Alex even has the strength to destroy a toy is a testament to his incredible transformation. With the love of a great family to buoy his spirits, Alex has come a long way from his days of eating twigs and rocks just to stay alive.


Please take the time to share this post with your family and friends, so that they can catch a glimpse of the amazing Alex up close. His foster mother took one look at him and fell in love and there is a good chance that you will too.

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