A Wild King Cobra Protects Two Puppies From Drowning In A Well


There are numerous videos that show how humane human beings can be, and many more that show the complacency of the human race against their fellow man and lesser creatures. We have seen them walk by a man lying on the street, or even purposely harming other people or small animals. It can be called educational when one witnesses the compassion that the animal kingdom can show when presented with life-threatening situations.

This video shows the amazing way that animals have surpassed human beings in what we would only describe as humanity. The pups have the good fortune of finding an unlikely protector. Although there are many examples of species protecting the young of other species, even including the human who was raised by wolves, gorillas and cats, this story is even more amazing!

When two puppies fall down a well, their mother seems to panic, barking loudly to attract someone to help her. She runs around the well barking until the owner of the dog and her pups comes around. Inside the well, there is another creature that could have chosen to attack the innocent pups, but instead chooses to become their guardian.

Beneath, inside the well, the owners see the puppies curled up together and whimpering, a cobra slithering near. As they watch the cobra, they find that it is not a threat to the puppies, instead protecting them from harm. When the pups sleep the cobra stays near, continuing to see to their well-being. Who would ever have thought that a cold-blooded snake would show compassion toward hot-blooded pups?

The well is an active well and water periodically fills it. One side is free of water, but the other side holds water deep enough to harm the pups. The cobra not only ensures they are safe, but also prohibits them from venturing to the other side of the well, where they may drown.

When the rescuers made their way into the well and were able to extract the pups from their captivity, the cobra slithered to the far side of the well and gave them a wide berth so that they felt secure in retrieving the small victims of circumstance.

Humans could learn from the compassion and protective nature of this cobra when it encountered those weaker and who needed its help. Instead of making quick work of killing the two innocent pups, the cobra has taken on the role of protector, maybe their mother. What would you do if you were to come across the same situation?


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