A Toddler & His 3 Dogs Are Staring At The Floor. All Of A Sudden… LOL!


Sometimes dogs and toddlers act alike. This video is about a toddler enjoying himself with a laser light in the midst of his three boxers. It is quite adorable. The boy would point the laser light at the floor and his dogs will jump at it and he would remove it immediately.

He was obviously catching his fun with the way the dogs jumped at the light. You will see him laughing loudly at it. While it is very hilarious to see the way the dogs jumped at the red light, it is even more hilarious to see the confusion on their faces when it disappears.
Personally, I find it interesting, hilarious and adorable. The most important part is that the toddler was really having fun. Games like that will strengthen the bond between him and his dogs so much that they will always miss him if he’s not around.

This is the kind of gesture that came make your dogs willingly lay down their lives just to protect you. I had to watch it over and over again. I really wish the 46 seconds video clip was a little longer.

In spite of how interesting and hilarious the video clip is, some people may have issues with allowing a toddler to be in possession of a laser light because of the inherent danger. Yes I know that laser is dangerous to kids and even more dangerous to dogs as it could damage their eyes if it falls on any of their eyeballs.

Well, we are all entitled to our individual opinions and it is not out of place to raise such concerns but I don’t think the laser light will be left in the toddler’s possession for long. Besides, there are chances that he must have stumbled on the item accidentally and a hidden camera captured that hilarious moment.

The moment is not something one would have expected, so it is not possible that video was really planned for. I suggest you take your mind off the negative part and enjoy the fun therein. After all, it has given a new idea of fun. I intend to try it with my dog, but instead of using laser light, I will use an ordinary flashlight. Overall, it is an adorable and interesting video clip. Please watch it and catch your fun.

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