A Soldier Found These 3 Stray Dogs In Afghanistan. Then A Bomb Went Off And Changed All Their Lives.


One day, there was a bomb that would change the lives of everyone involved and the dogs became heroes in the process. A man made an attempt at sneaking into the base where Duke resided with his dogs. Dogs are well known for their ability to judge a person’s character and they correctly guessed that something was not quite right about this visitor.

From there, they launched an attack. Who says that the only heroes are those who are in uniform? These dogs did not sign up for a war, but their actions spoke louder than any words ever could. They stepped up in a moment of crisis and thanks to their courage, the troops were able to survive the horrific incident.

Unfortunately, when the dogs attacked the stranger and helped to save their new friends, the stranger’s bomb ended up going off early. In the midst of the panic, Sasha was tragically killed. While Rufus and Target were able to survive, Sasha was not so lucky and her memory will always live on in the hearts and minds of her fellow soldiers.

She gave her life to protect the soldiers, the same way that these same soldiers give theirs to protect us each and every day. The troops appreciated the effort and hard work of these new recruits and brought them home with them to the United States. Take a look at this incredible video:

Nowadays, the dogs are far, far away from the dangerous war zone and they came home to a much deserved heroes’ welcome. Please share this amazing story with your close friends and loved ones, so that they can further appreciate everything these soldiers and their pup pals have done for this great nation.

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