A Rescued Dog Jumps Up To Plays The Piano. But At The End? Made Me Smile!


Dogs are incredibly mart beings, and we all know that. If you are a dog person, or if you have ever in your life been in contact with a dog person, you know that dogs can be trained to do some pretty basic things, and to do some pretty incredible things.
It never ceases to amaze me how dogs can do such incredible things. We have all see videos on the Internet of dogs sitting, jumping, rolling over and all that, but they can do so much more. There was a dog name Rico, in Germany, that was able to recognize hundreds of objects just by hearing the name of these objects.

Not only that, but Rico was also able to identify new objects for the first time heating their name. That is amazing, but it was thought that he had the power of inference – he associated the new word with the new object, and as such he put them together.

New research has even found out that dogs truly can talk, among each other and very poorly, but they truly can. This research found out that not all barks are equal, and that different barks and growls convey different messages. Dogs can even identify each other through the barks they hear, since they can tell each “voice” apart from each other – that is just amazing.

It might not come as a surprise that most people believe dogs are the most successful mammal out there other than humans. They were able to spread everywhere on the planet, and by everywhere we are also including our cities and our homes. As a matter of fact, a lot of animal species have been declining in numbers due to actions man has taken that affected them somehow – we could say they were in our way.

As for dogs, however, they made an incredible alliance with humans and that has given them the chance to prosper. There are now more dogs on the planet than ever before, so they can prosper. This means that our friendship with dogs is going to last for a long, long time, and that is beautiful.

In this video we can see Sadie, a 6 year old German shepherd crossed with Border collie that was adopted from an animal shelter show off some of her skills. She actually loves learning new tricks and she is an incredible example of just how smart dogs can actually be. In the video, her owners is filming her turn on the piano, and play a little bit for us. Sure, it’s not a masterpiece, but what amazes me is how she recognizes whenever she made a mistake, so she knows she can improve – that is amazing.

Not only that, she also takes a bow at the end, just for us!

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