A Marine Left 30,000 People Speechless When He Did THIS. By 1:48, I Was In Tears!


Dan Clark, a veteran Marine sergeant, recently went to Fenway Park. While some soldiers may have been content to simply watch the game and maybe doff their cap during the 7th inning stretch, what Clark decided to do has to be seen to be believed.
The 2013 World Series pitted the Boston Red Sox against the St. Louis Cardinals. During this particular game, the Red Sox had already built a sizable lead on the Cardinals, so the crowd’s interest in the contest that was taking place on the field was beginning to wane. Dan Clark decided to seize the opportunity to show this listless crowd the true meaning of patriotism.
Clark then gave a crowd a moment that they would not soon forget, when he sang the classic anthem “God Bless America”. Not only did he receive the immediate attention of every eyeball in the house, but his rendition is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. While “God Bless America” may come second to the Star Spangled Banner, Clark’s performance would not take a backseat.

Irving Berlin wrote this patriotic classic in 1918 and its significance continues to live on today. However, it is much different from most anthems of patriotism, because it incorporates elements of prayer within the structure of the song. Irving would revise the song in 1938, so that it could be performed by singer Kate Smith.

1938 was an uncertain time to be an American, as Hitler’s influence had continued to grow, showing few signs of slowing down. Ever since World War II, “God Bless America” has maintained its status as an important American standard. Few songs can express the true appreciation for America that we all feel within our hearts.

Berlin’s classic song articulates the love and affection that we all should have for our country. His poetic manner of expressing his feelings for America should serve as an inspiration to us all. When you find yourself moaning and groaning about the state of affairs in America, a video like this comes along to remind us of how important it is to remain appreciative.

The best moment of this video takes place at 1:48. Dan Clark reaches one of the highest notes that you will ever see a man in uniform hit. You will be hard pressed not to rise to your feet and put your hand over your heart. You may even shed a tear, as some of the more patriotic audience members did that day at Fenway Park.

When you want to get in touch with your more appreciative, patriotic side, watch this clip. And be sure to share it with as many of your friends and family as possible, so that they can share this special moment with you!

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