A Marine Begs To Adopt His Fellow Soldier. Watch What Happens When He Kneels Down.


Marine sergeant Ross Gundlach had been separated from his partner in war for roughly a year. His partner? Casey, a Labrador retriever who had formed an unshakable bond with Ross. They had served in nearly 200 missions, spending long days on Afghanistan roads, sweeping them for potential bombs.
Gundlach made a promise to his furry pal: if he made it out of his tour with his life intact, he would do everything in his power to find Casey and take her home with him. After each of their tours ended, they had been separated from one another and the odds were low that their paths would ever cross again.

Ross would not allow any obstacle to keep him from making good on the promise he had made to Casey. At the completion of his tour, he began to lobby for the right to keep his close friend for good. His travels took him all the way to Iowa, where in 2013, he was going through the preparations of his case.

The goal? To plead his case to a government committee and be rewarded with permanent custody of his bomb sniffing buddy. What happened next took Ross completely by surprise. The Iowa Elks Association had taken it upon themselves to set up a reunion between Ross and Casey!

Casey clearly remembers her old friend and she is clearly psyched to be reunited with her buddy Ross. Clips like this are a great example of how the smallest gesture can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Ross made great sacrifices for his nation and to see him be rewarded so handsomely is truly heartwarming.

Now, these two can live the rest of their lives together as a true family and this clip can live on the Internet forever. If you enjoyed watching this beautiful, be sure to share the video with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

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