A Marine And Military Dog Who Haven’t Seen Each Other In Three Years Reunite, And It’s Beautiful!


Dogs are known as a faithful companion to men and they can easily become the best of friends. There are many stories about the strong bond and love relationship shared between dogs and men all over the internet and in books and we hear it verbally too every other day, still we want to hear more of it.

Here is another such story which is going to warm your heart and break down some of you in case you are among those who easily give in to tears. Have a tissue handy already before you watch the video if you fall for that category. And make sure you share this wonderful video with your friends too after you have watched it to your heart’s content.

Without much ado, moving to the story in the video, Jared Heine and Spike came to know each other while they were both serving for the Virginia Capitol Police. Spike was a member of the K- 9 patrol and worked with Jared Heine, a U.S. Marine, for many years until Jared suffered a series of injuries in his brain and was sent back to his home town in Louisiana.

The duo worked closely and protected each other like real brothers while deployed in Afghanistan before splitting up. Back home Jared Heine started suffering with post- traumatic stress disorder which is very common among marines.

Watch and share this wonderful video of the reunion of a U.S. Marine and a Military dog.

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