A Man Found A Dead Fox On The Side Of The Road. He Was NOT Prepared For What Happened 8 Hours Later.


Roadkill is an unfortunate part of daily life and most of us probably encounter some form of roadkill during our trips to and from work and school. While most of us will simply shake our heads and keep on going, some people decide to go above and beyond. This is the story of just such a man.

The majority of people would have passed this animal right on by, but this man saw a fox who had been injured by a passing car and he was not willing to sit idly by as the animal struggled and suffered. He was taking a bike ride to work when the event occurred and he could not leave the body of this beautiful fox to die.

The creature was fighting for its life and its future prognosis was certainly grim. Most animals who are hit by automobiles eventually succumb to their injuries. There is simply very little hope for a tiny animal when it comes to surviving the impact of several thousand pounds of flying steel.

The man stopped and took a picture of the fox, posting it to his social media accounts in the process. This was designed to raise awareness about the fox’s condition. He even took valuable time out of his schedule to sit with the fox. After all, no living creature on this planet deserves to die alone on the side of the road.


He even touched the fox with his own hands, laying his fingers on the animal’s head, so that the fox would know that they were not alone during their darkest hour. The man remained by the animal’s side until they passed away. Or so he thought!

When the man returned to the area after work, he found that the animal was still alive. What an incredible miracle! Take a moment to check out this incredible photos:


The man decided not to let his second chance go by without providing the fox with the assistance that it truly needed. He contacted a local wildlife veterinarian, so that the fox would be left in capable hands. It is our sincerest hope that the animal be nursed back to health and this man deserves a heartfelt thank you.

Not wanting to miss a second opportunity to provide some assistance, he got the animal to a wildlife veterinarian where he can hopefully be nursed back to health. Share away people!

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