A Man Dances To Aretha Franklin, But When This Raccoon Joins In? I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!


The video below is absolutely priceless. A man is dancing to “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin. The heavy raccoon stares at him for a while, and then finally decides that he wants to dance. He latches onto the man’s leg as he shimmies across the wooden deck. The man, who doesn’t skip a beat, decides to grab the front paws of the raccoon and do a two-step, prior to choosing him off the deck. Is hysterical to watch this man as you can just picture him out in the middle of the country.

He’s got a long white beard and the denim overalls. He is grooving to his own beat, dancing around the deck. Is completely into the music, and then the raccoon wants to learn a few moves. At first, the raccoon is just kind of holding on, and the man can’t seem to shake the raccoon loose. That is when the man decides to show the raccoon a few moves.

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