A Man Asks A Hotel If He’s Allowed To Bring His Dog. Their Response Is PRICELESS!


One of the worst parts about heading on vacation is knowing that we cannot bring our pets along for the fun times. It can be hard to enjoy yourself, knowing that your beloved companion is stuck in a kennel somewhere, waiting faithfully for your return.

The man in this story decided to take matters into his own hands, by writing to a hotel and asking if they would allow his pet to stay there, too. While some might think of this request as being overly audacious, the writer of the letter received a response that just might surprise you.

The letter stated that the dog was very well groomed and well behaved and the man also promised that his canine pal would not cause any sort of trouble. Not only did he receive an immediate response from the owner of the hotel, but it stated that the dog would be more than welcome to stay in the room with him. What a shocking turn of events!

According to the owner of the hotel, he had never seen a dog cause any kind of trouble in all of his years running one. One of the most common issues for hotel owners is all of the petty thievery that takes place. For some reason, people feel as if they are entitled to everything in the room that isn’t nailed down.

One of the reasons why the owner was fine with allowing the dog to stay in the room is because he knows that his towels, linens and toiletries will remain safe. No silverware will be taken and the pictures on the walls are bound to remain undisturbed.

He went on to say that dogs do not get thrown out of hotels in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly and that they do not run up massive bills and take off without paying.


The owner finished his response by saying that the dog was more than welcome and that he would need the animal to vouch for his human, so that he could stay with the pup! Definitely not the response any of us were expecting to read.

The hotel owner made a series of great points in his response. If only more people thought like him, more pets would be able to remain by their owners’ sides. If you enjoyed this exchange of letters as much as we did, then be sure to pass this post along to your friends and loved ones.

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