Homeless Musician Meets Stray Cat Then Lives Change!


It happens all too often in our society today. People fall victim to drug addiction and it robs them of everything until they are alone, cold and hungry in the streets. This was James’ story. He learned very quickly just how tough life on the streets could be. But there was something in James that would not let him give up on life. He began his journey to recovery. He knew it would be a hard battle and he knew he would still be homeless and alone during the long trip back. James knew it was fight or die. He chose to fight.


James takes his guitar to the streets every day and plays for the change people give him to buy the necessities to stay alive. He was playing his guitar one day when he came across an injured cat. It looked like the cat had hurt his paw probably in a cat fight.


He could tell the cat was suffering and he was alone, just like James. James took the cat to a veterinarian who agreed to help him. Though James tried to find the owner, the cat was not micro chipped and had no tag. So James named him Bob and kept him with him.


They were two lonely souls. Both were healing and neither had a place to lay their heads. But they comforted each other. Soon Bob began to draw attention from the people who would walk past James in the past. As if it was fate, he was earning enough to feed and care for the two of them.


James and Bob drew more attention and as local television shows began to feature their touching story doors began to open for James. He was being invited to speak by the media. The unlikely duo became popular and things began to change for both of them. James went on to write a book about their story and their homeless days seems to be in the past.

James does not forget where he came from. He is always willing to help a street person who is just trying to survive. When asked James explains, you can get through anything with a positive attitude and a little love. James and Bob had the perfect combination of both.


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