A Hidden Camera Captures A Nursing Home Employee Doing the Unthinkable to An 84-Year-Old Woman


All Lily wanted was to get out of her bed and the caretaker decided that she would not be allowed to do so. By resisting the caretaker’s orders, Lily enraged the woman and received an elbow to the back of her head for her efforts. But if you thought Ncendiswa was done terrorizing this old woman, you are incorrect. Unsatisfied, Ncendiswa then began to punch Lily in the face and pull her hair, which only served to escalate tensions between the two. The altercation continued to worsen and the results have now been posted on YouTube for the world to see.

After her superiors received word of this brutal fight, Ncendiswa was relieved of her duties and is now subject to a police investigation. She now regrets her actions on the fateful day and has claimed that Lily used racial slurs while addressing her and also threw feces in her face.

There may be a certain level of truth to her words, as other caregivers have also complained about Lily Shepherd’s actions and she has been known to violently attack those who stand in her way. Mkencele just may have a case, after all.

What is your opinion about this shocking video footage? A clip such as this is bound to stir up strong feelings on both sides of the divide and become the catalyst for interesting conversation.

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