Someone Set Fire To Mother Goose’s Nest, But She Still Refused To Leave Her Eggs


On Sunday in Erie County, Ohio, an incredible act of love and parental devotion was displayed by a dedicated goose who chose to die in a fire outbreak than watch her unhatched babies roast.

This timely discovery was made by Tim White a Wildlife specialist who had come to his office that day to drop off some paperwork. He was instigated to go and investigate what went wrong when he suddenly saw smoke ascending from the corner of the building.

Arriving at the spot of the incidence White was shocked to find a Canadian goose faithfully holding on to her eggs right in the middle of a fire. The blaze had engulfed her nest where she hatched her six eggs. Obviously, there were no doubts that this mother goose was willing to take the brunt for the sake of protecting her dear babies.


While, in the very act, she got her feathers scorched and even when White made attempts to quench out the flames, she never budged an inch. When the fire was out, it was discovered that the bird had a damaged flight and her tail feathers were all gone. It took White a hard time to make the authorities to believe it was no accident. Which was later made possible from the discovery of several cigarette butts which prove that it was surely an intentional act.


But the bird and her eggs were collected by some rehabilitators from Back To The Wild animal clinic who White had earlier called on together with the Sheriff. Recent reports have revealed that the mother goose is currently doing well as we hope she recovers quickly.


Physically, it is difficult to tell if her eggs may still be viable as several of them are visibly burned due to the blaze. However, rescuers at the clinic are trying their best to see if they could be able to survive. That’s the least they can do for mom.

So they are trying to give them a fighting chance by keeping then in an incubator just in case they end up hatching and if they do, they will be rejoined with their mother who will take good care of them after they have been released.


White is joining faith together with that of the rescuers believing that mother goose will soon have the chance to meet her babies she almost lost her life for.


” It always saddens us to see an animal come in hurt and scared. It devestates us to see an animal come in hurt and scared because of something that was done deliberately.

Yesterday Back to the Wild received a call about a Canada (yes Canada!) goose and her nest. Someone had lit cigarettes and set her, her nest, and her eggs on fire. If it had not been caught as early as it was it would have killed her and possibly burned down the building she had nested against.

This is not only a reprehensible act, it is also a very illegal one. The proper authorities were contacted and hopefully someone will come forward so the guilty parties will learn a lesson in compassion and how to treat another living, breathing creature.

Sadly, the eggs had burn marks on them and are unlikely to hatch. We are going to keep them for a period of time and give them a chance. The mother is lucky to be alive but all of her flight feathers and tail feathers were burned off. Her tongue is singed from trying to preen while her feathers were still burning.

We will be taking her to the vet on Wednesday to make sure there are no internal issues due to smoke inhalation. Hopefully, when her feathers grow back, we’ll be able to provide a happy ending for this horror story.

If you would like to help us help this tortured and helpless goose, you can donate via PayPal at Let’s keep this mother in our thoughts and hope for a speedy recovery.

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