A Guilty Dog Really Does Not Bark At All


There is an old saying that a guilty dog barks the loudest and it may be true of people but this hilarious little video proves once and for all that the adage just does not apply to dogs that do bad things. Berlin is guilty as sin but the dog is having no part of confession or admission of guilt.

Everyone that owns a dog or other animal knows that their pet is not perfect. Animals do things they have been told not to do just like people. People that have observed their pets closely know that they behave differently when they have done something that they should not have done. You just cannot mistake the look of guilt on a pet’s face.

A man comes home to find the sheets on his bed torn to shreds. He hunts for his German shepherd. The dog is sneaks off into the shower to escape punishment. Berlin just stares at the shower wall and will not acknowledge her owner at all. Of course Berlin did the dastardly deed but Berlin is not about to make any admission of guilt except that the dog admits guilt just by the way she looks.

The man in the video is hilarious. He talks like a television investigator. He is taking evidence and tracking down the suspect a la ‘Columbo.’ The investigator admits that the dog ran to the shower when confronted with the evidence of its misconduct but the dog just plays innocent and guilty at the same time. The man is talking to the dog like the dog was a person.

The dog is really a riot. The cowed expression on the dog’s face is one any pet owner will recognize. Hiding is a common behavior in dogs that do bad things but Berlin is so stubborn or so ashamed that the dog just will not move. The dog does not utter as much as a whimper.

You just have to share this short little pet video with all your friends that have pets or love animals. The video is so funny that you will laugh out loud. The dog just makes the video. It may remind you f your children when they have been caught doing something they were told not to do.

Most pet owners feel that their animals experience emotion. Berlin certainly looks the part of a poor shameful party. The dog’s expression or lack of expression just makes this video one that you can watch over and over and still get a chuckle out of it.

Berlin’s owner is really not the heavy that he tries to portray himself to be in the video. After all is said and done, the owner tells Berlin that they still love him. All pet parents have experienced this situation and that is one of the reasons the video is so worth sharing.

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