A Giant Sea Turtle Swam Up To Their Boat. When They Saw What Was Around His Neck… OMG


A giant leatherback turtle swims up to the side of a family’s boat. The man identifies the turtle immediately and says that it’s about eight or nine feet long. The turtle would normally be a happy go lucky animal, but it has something tied around its neck. It’s probably been there for a while because the turtle looks exhausted.

Here’s when the man decides to step in and be a hero. He radios about what he’s doing and then grabs a knife and pulls the turtle as close to the boat as he can. It looks like one of the bobbers on a rope got caught around his neck. The man cuts the rope in a few places to get it unwound. It takes a few efforts because of the sheer size of the turtle. In no time at all, however, the man has the turtle freed and it takes off swimming.
The man is surprised by how quick the turtle is out of there, not taking the time to float around and socialize. Turtles have been one of the most threatened species on our planet right now. Luckily, many people are doing what they can to prevent population numbers from dropping even further.

This man has demonstrated how he was able to help – and there are many other people who are involved in preserving the eggs, culling certain fishing practices, and more.

The man on the fishing boat was able to do his part in order to help the turtle – and hopefully many others who see things like this out on the ocean do something similar. The turtle likely would have perished in days or weeks to come with this wrapped around his neck. As he swam, it was probably getting tighter and tighter – and the bobber was probably preventing him from diving deep, which meant he wouldn’t be able to get all of his needed food.

This turtle was lucky that he came across this boat and that the family on board was able to help. Sharing this video is a great way to get out more information about the dangers that turtle often experience in the water and how you can help.
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