A Farmer Did Something AWESOME For His Pigs. You Might Think He’s Crazy, But You Gotta See.


Whoever has Pigs knows for sure that they need a really refreshing environment in the summer. They are really hot and the unbearable hot temperatures in summer make it really difficult for them to get around. The best thing for them is a cool mud bath where they can take refreshing baths, cool dives, and relax. A farmer in Netherlands decided to create something really special for his pigs. He build a water-slide, and  “mud pool” for them. This way the pigs will have the option to have a cool mud bath in the summer, and if they want to have a different afternoon, they can just slide from the giant special water-slide built especially of them. The following pictures will give you a hint of these pigs paradise. Enjoy, and if you have a farm, this could be a really amazing idea for your animals.


This is what their water-slide looks like. It looks a lot of fun, and I can tell that these pigs will have the best time in their life.


There is a playful guy, who wants to try all the good things in life. Looks like he will try the water-slide, and see how the experience goes. 


From what I can see, I think that this pig is having such a good time. It is not something these guys could do everyday, so having a new game in their “home” is such an entertaining thing. After watching this guy, I bet all the other pigs will go ahead and try to play at the water-slide for the rest of the day. 


These animals should feel really grateful to their daddy for making this effort, and building them the fun water-slide by the “mud-pool.” After all life will not be that boring, and difficult for this pigs anymore. 

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