A Dog Came Across This Baby, But What Happens Is Amazing


Sometimes, the most unexpected of friendships can form. Lucky for us, one such instance was caught on video. Millie is an adorable white puppy that decided to make a new friend. He came across the baby squirrel that the family had rescued within the backyard.
A tree had fallen down, and they found the baby squirrel. They left at the squirrel outside for one day, hoping that the mother would find him and take him back. However, the mother was never found, or it is possible that the mother died when the tree fell.

The family decided that they needed to take care of the little squirrel and make sure that he was ready to be released in a while. Until then, the puppy and little squirrel decided to form a bond.

The squirrel is allowed to frolic in the grass, and while it is unclear as to whether there is a fence around the yard to prevent the squirrel running away completely, this dog is having the time of his life. There are a couple of tense moments where I am convinced that the puppy’s paws are going to step on the squirrel, but he makes it out alive every time, and he even rolls around on the tennis ball that the dog has in the yard as well.

You won’t want to miss out on this video, especially when you see the little bed that the family has created for the squirrel while he makes his recovery away from his mother.

This is one of the cutest puppies, and you have to look carefully in order to find the squirrel, because not only is he small, is also very fast. You can see how much fun the puppy is having as the squirrel runs around the grass. The dog is constantly jumping around, trying to anticipate the squirrel’s next movement.

The video goes on for just about four minutes, and it is one of the cutest things all throughout. This dog simply doesn’t know what to think about this baby squirrel – and they are having an incredibly good time together.

We hope that the squirrel has been able to get back on its feet after losing his mother, and is quite content in the wild now.

You’ll want to watch this video at least once, but if you are like us, you will probably want to watch it over and over again. This is the very reason why people own dogs. They are so much fun, and become amused at the smallest of things, including baby squirrels.

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