A Dog Called Princess Who Was Considered Unadoptable!


Princess, a caring and very loving dog to any animal. She is known to be a mother to all animals in need. Princess has traveled the world and has met a number of people. Princess who was considered to be not adoptable. Why? As you will see below she has a big heart and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Here is Princess with an orphaned monkey she cares and plays with.


Another picture with princess and an orphaned piglet.


Princess in the ocean with tons of starfish surrounding her.


A cute orphaned kitten with Princess.


A little baby chick and Princess.


As you have seen in the pictures above with princess and a few different animals. She will always be there for them.


A kind woman named Jenny Desmond has rescued Princess from being euthanized. We all thank her for her kindness and now Princess is caring for an adopted baby monkey.


Jimmy and his wife Jenny had first fostered Princess. After a short time of being around Princess they had both become very fond of her so they decided to adopt Princess. Today Jenny, her husband, and the dog Princess are wildlife rehabilitators. Caring for and helping trat injured animals. After a period of time the animals recover. Jenny, Jeremy and Princess return the once injured animal back to their natural habitat “The wild”.

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Jenny and Jimmy love Princess so much that she goes along wherever they go. The Jane Goodall Institute, The Humane Society of the United Sates and the Harmony fond of Holden Massachusetts have welcomed Jenny and Jeremy as consultants. Jimmy is a wildlife veterinarian.


While Jenny and Jimmy continue to rescue animals Princess is right alongside them. Princess has been in Uganda, China, Lebanon and the United States. Even though Princess was initially set for euthanization she has been rescued and known as a loving and caring dog who act like a mother to other types of animals in need. Nurturing them when they need help.


Princess loves and cares for any type of animal in need. But besides only loving and caring for them she plays with them and by their side as well.


Princess kisses them as well.


She even lies next to them to make them as comfortable as possible.


She provides support for the adopted animal.


Princess and a huge heart. She loves and cares so much it is amazing.

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Here are a few more pictures of the dog Princess.

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So the dog who was considered unadoptable has come a long ways. She has definitely proven herself in this world and proven herself to be adoptable. Alongside Jenny and Jimmy Princess will continue her journey caring for adopted animals in need. As well as helping them being nurtured back to health so they can return to their natural habitat. Please share this with your friends and family. And also please remember anything is possible. 

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