A Box Full Of Puppies Abandoned On A Busy Highway Hang On To Life


We’ve all seen boxes of puppies in movies and on television shows. These fictional tales often deal with dogs being abandoned and finding a happy ending. While most of us wish that these stories would always come true, the harsh reality is that the vast majority of abandoned pets end up dying on the side of the road or in the shelter.


The fictional stories that we’re accustomed to contain large amounts of fluff and do not tend to capture the true severity of these situations. A story like this one makes you realize just how much animals who are abandoned suffer and gives us a closer glimpse at just what happens when these would be pets are simply dumped at the door of a shelter.


The Tampa Bay Humane Society recently came into possession of an entire box of puppies and unlike the movie version of this all too common story, these dogs were in need of serious help. They were in bad condition when they arrived and without the assistance of these humane society workers, the puppies were not long for this world.


They were initially found on the side of the road and the conditions that they experienced had caused much of their fur to fall out. The puppies did not allow their condition to affect their overall demeanor, as they still lavished affection on all those who came by to see them.


The treatment regimen has been established for the puppies, as their skin will receive medicated treatment over the next four to six weeks. They’ll get medicated baths, plenty of food and antibiotics to restore their strength. In order to become more viable for prospective adoption, they’ll also be spayed and neutered once they’ve recovered from their stint on the side of the road.


The pups are fortunate to have been found and even more fortunate to have been brought to a shelter that would provide them with the tender loving care that they need most.

Without the help of the Tampa Bay Humane Society, these dogs never would have been able to survive on their own. Thanks to their assistance, these dogs will grow back their fur and hopefully go on to find forever homes where their needs are always cared for.


These adorable puppies have been on quite a journey, but they are not out of the woods yet. Please share this story with your fellow animal lovers, so that the love can be spread.



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