A Ballerina Starts To Dance, But When The Horse Does THIS, My Jaw Dropped


This OPI Nail cover ad is one of the coolest ads ever. Great music to start, gets the dancers in motion with Lady in Black. Lady in Black just so happens to be a striking Thoroughbred horse. This video is so cool. To see these Professional dancers dancing with Lady in Black is just hard to describe. Cool and beautiful would be one way to label this video
The dancers and horses represent some great new nail colors by OPI Nails. The four brilliant colors are seen painted on the horse. You won’t believe where they are. Watch this video as you see this dancing horse counter the professional dancers. This has to be one of the most stylish videos of all time.

The video starts out with a ballerina dancing in front of this beautiful horse. The ballerina is wearing pink and is fantastic in her approach to the horse. The pink representing one of OPI’s new colors. You will never guess what the horse is wearing on her hooves!

The music the dancers and horse move to is fantastic. The music has a jazzy blues funky beat. Watch this video and enjoy all the funky moves by the dancers and of course Lady in Black. The horse has some really cool moves. He jumps up and puts his hooves high in the air! Check out this very hip OPI Nails video.

The horse does some natural moves but thanks to the Photoshop and animation experts the horse can do wonders with his dancing. This hip ad has been created to roll out some new colors at OPI Nails. Cool descriptions for the new colors are displayed during the video; “Red my fortune cookie,” “No room for the blues” are some of the cool captions. Watch this video to check out some of the other captions. This is such a great video production watch it today.

Watch this video to see the great dancers including the horse. See all five great dancers in action including this beautiful Thoroughbred horse. Lady in Black is quite an entertainer. This clip has some great music and dance moves. The artists have done a great job on putting this together. Enjoy this hip little video.

This cool video will have you dancing to the beat of the music and enjoying the dance moves. The combination of the new OPI colors and the great dancing make this a fun video! You can’t believe where the new colors are revealed. My favorite is when the horse starts clogging with red hooves. Watch this and enjoy the artistry of this OPI Nails Ad. They call it the “Instinct of Colors” ad and it really pops.

Enjoy all the cool vibes of this great little video. Have some fun and laughs with this dance video. Don’t forget to be hip and pass it on.

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