A Baby Elephant Collapses, How Her Family Responded Made Me Cry


Every day you see pictures of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens all doing cute and heartwarming things on Facebook. They are part of the family or abused these pictures have us smiling or outraged. This video falls into the category of heartwarming and to those who think that animals in the wild are just dumb creatures, who just roam around eat and sleep and sometimes do damage. After seeing this heartwarming and touching video people may just change their minds on helping to protect creatures in the wild.

We all know that when a baby is tired they will sleep where they can, it is true that most babies do not pick the middle of the road to lay down and to take a nap. This sweet baby elephant just lays down and tries to take a nap.

The vehicles on the road are at a stop because the herd of elephants is crossing in front of them. As this sweet baby elephant crosses she like many children is tired from walking and decides to just lay down, silently saying I’m tired. The cars do not move as her family gathers around her some in front of her so the cars do not hit her.

The mother and what looks like a sibling try to wake the sleeping baby elephant. As they try to wake the baby the herd continues to cross the road, some stop to prod the baby to wake her. The mother and the sibling never leave the baby each continues to prod and coax the baby elephant to get up and move off of the road. For a time the baby elephant seems quite comfortable sleeping in the middle of the road.

As with most sleeping children the child rolls over to avoid the gentle prods of its mother and sibling. The passengers in the cars wait and watch as the mother tries to wake the baby elephant or encourage her to roll of to the side of the road. The video has sound and not once do you hear a car horn or does some shout at the elephants as they are standing in the middle of the road, nor does a car try and go around the baby

Finally the baby wakes and the mother continues to coax the baby elephant to stand. They say animals do not care for their young as humans do, this mother proves that a mother will not just walk away and leave her child lying in the road.

As the baby elephant stands and slowly moves off the road the photographer along with the viewer releases a sigh of heart filled satisfaction that the baby elephant who decided to just lay down and take a nap walks off the road in the company of her loving family.

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