9 Rescue Dogs Sleeping In Their Beds For The First Time


I want you all to remember one thing. If you ever consider getting a dog please ADOPT DON’T BUY. You have no idea how happy you will make some poor puppies and dogs who have spend a very long time in an animal rescue shelter. it is not easy to live in those conditions, eating not very taste food, and sleeping on the floor most of the time. Maybe after you will see these pictures you will change your mind. I found these the best reactions ever for their first ever real soft comfortable beds. Seriously you should see this, and afterwards go ahead and adopt a pooch. Your life will change forever for good!

1- I have never Laid down in such a soft bed. I think I am gonna love it here!”


2- “This is how I am gonna nap every single day. I never thought that napping could be so warm,  cozy, and comfortable. Thank you mommy!”cutedog6

3- “How come I have never been in one of these clouds of paradise before. Life is so unfair, but everything is different now, and this bed is mine! All mine!”


4- Sleep tight gorgeous. You totally deserve this bed, and much more. The best is yet to come, you’ll see!cutedog4

5- “Gotta love this bed. I mean I have never slept so peacefully before. Life feels so good right now!”cutedog3

6- This dog  just can’t get enough of all that soft cushions. My heart melt from every one of these photos. Grateful for all these sweet people all around the world! cutedog1

7- “I still can’t believe that this is actually my bed from now on. I just can’t thank you enough! You are my heroes!”


8- “Yass Yass Yass! Finally I have a real bed. It is all mine, and I am going to sleep here for the rest of my life.” amazing

9- “I mean I still can’t believe that this is actually mine now. This is the best thing ever!”awesome

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