7-Year-Old Tells Doctors to Let Him Die. His Reason? I Haven’t Cried This Hard In Years


Tiny Chen was just like any another five year old boy, until he received the fateful diagnosis. Chen was sent to the hospital, after learning that he possessed a malignant brain tumor. His mother, Zhou, was extremely devastated when she heard the terrible news about her son’s condition. The most unfortunate aspect of all? Zhou had a very short amount of time to get herself acclimated to the news. The devastating news had just a few months to set in, before Zhou received a kidney disease diagnosis of her own. As the years passed and the two were forced to endure painful treatments sitting side by side at the hospital, Zhou had come to depend on dialysis to stay alive, while her son was unable to live without receiving treatments around the clock.

At first, doctors believed that Chen would be able to make a full recovery, but his cancer returned with a vengeance, a sequence of events that severely dampened the hopes of his medical team for his survival. Upon its return, Chen’s cancer left him paralyzed and blind.

However, Zhou did not allow these circumstances to deter her belief that her son could heal and resume a somewhat normal existence. Zhou also had a major problem of her own. The disease in her kidneys had weakened her severely and unless she found a willing donor, she would soon pass away.

The doctors explained the situation to Zhou’s mother, Lu, and let her know that her grandson had very little chance of long term survival. His kidneys were a perfect match for his mother and if he was willing to donate, not only would he save the life of Zhou, but two others, as well.

Upon hearing the news, Zhou refused to even consider the idea of accepting her son’s kidneys, telling the doctors and her mother that she would hear none of any such conversation.

Chen, who was now 7, caught wind of the situation and decided to spring into action. He begged his mother to accept the gift of life and take his kidneys. His desire to save his mother’s life outweighed his impulse to protect his own.

Zhou finally accepted her son’s gracious offer, knowing that the implant was a way for her son to live on within her after he was gone. Chen died a few days later and the doctors began the process of implanting his organ.

Not only was the kidney a perfect match, but Zhou is now in perfect health. Doctors consider the successful implant to be a miracle. By selflessly sacrificing his organs, Chen was also able to save a 21 year old woman who was in need of a kidney transplant. His liver was given to a 27 year old male recipient, allowing him to save three lives with one selfless act.

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