The 7 Chihuahuas All Live Together, But It’s Their Dad You’ll Want To See


While most do not consider Thailand to be a hotbed for pet families, the seven Chihuahuas that you are about to meet are quite unique. This is one of the most unlikely families that we have certainly ever laid eyes on and you’ll be shocked to see this family unit in action.


This team of seven pups (comprised of five babies and their two parents) gets to live with their human mother in Bangkok, but those who know them best can’t stop talking about their so called “dad”.

Ritchie is a local cat and this fellow has taken it upon himself to provide guidance and supervision to this clan of pups. He’s not just a mere caretaker, though, he is also a boss of sorts. He takes his “parenting duties” very seriously. Just take a look at Ritchie’s dour facial expression, he definitely means business!


The human mother of these dogs could not resist the opportunity to snap a few photos of the crew in action and upload them to Instagram. As you might have imagined, this gang of pups and their self proclaimed father have become viral stars. After all, how could anyone possibly resist those adorable, sweet little faces?

While these animals have become Internet famous and Ritchie certainly loves all of his children equally, there is one Chihuahua that has closely captured his attention. Kuma is the tiniest dog of the group and perhaps this is why Ritchie feels such a strong responsibility towards this animal in particular.

Those who know Ritchie and Kuma best say that they are an inseparable pair, that you will rarely see one without the other. Kuma is never too far away from her adopted father and we get the feeling that is the way that both of these animals like it.


But Ritchie does not neglect the rest of his children, not by a long shot. He’s got more than enough love to go around and this happy family will be together for years to come.

To find out more about this unique family, be sure to head to their Instagram page as soon as possible, so that you can enjoy more of their adorable pictures. If you enjoyed this story as much as we did, then be sure to take a moment to share it with your closest friends and family members. They are sure to appreciate the exploits of Ritchie and his brood! 

Be sure and check out their Instagram account for more of their adorable shenanigans! :)


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