6 Men Took The Floor – When The Music Started, No One Was Expecting THIS.


Talent comes in many forms. Some say that a person needs to be an individual and stand out from the rest. Some work as a team and share the critiques and accolades. The six Asian men that perform in a synchronized gymnastics and dance routine in this event are so well practiced that it appears to be a zero error performance. The competitive nature of the Asians in the gymnastics arena is well known.

Any type of synchronized event such as skating, swimming, dancing, etc. requires a lot of practice and fortitude. To truly appreciate the art and effort put into this performance it is knowledge that one must have. The difficulties that are seen in this type of activity include teams that get off of the mark, meaning that they lose the rhythm being kept by the other performers. This does not mean off by a second this could mean being off the beat by a fraction of the second. Many teams establish breaks in choreography allowing team members a time to regroup if this happens.

The performance starts off slow in order to get the crowd warmed up for the spectacular event that is going to take place. The dancers use balance and strength moves to form intricate designs that keep the eyes darting from one performer to the next and them all appearing in the exact same position.

Once the performers do break off and apart from one another the scene is no less dramatic. They use one another as equipment for more advanced techniques and the results are impressive to say the least. The gymnastic skills displayed require not only years of practice but to have complete synchronization with another person while completing the flips is amazing.

Some of the gymnastics appeared to be more acrobatics when the flips were above and beneath other members of the group. They proved to have remarkable upper body strength and unmatched flexibility in many of the artistic visual displays that wowed the audience.

The music chosen for this piece was a slow and steady classical rhythm that reminds one of a one-time slow dance with a sought after partner that may vanish and never return. The scene is created through use of touch and dramatic sweeping elements that connect and yet separate the dancers at pivotal moments. Towards the end the tempo picks up and it becomes more dramatic and needy. The pace quickens and the dancers respond with harrowing leaps and landings that astonish.

The crowd was approving by clapping at appropriate moments throughout the show. It was obvious that they were enjoying themselves. The show ends with an explosive response from the crowd proving that this team was a sensation to the sight and mind of the observers.

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