5 Year Old Girl Leaves Everyone Speechless


Music is something that affects us in ways we can’t really understand. Just listening to it involves using the whole brain, and it has surprising benefits on u that range from learning new languages to the improvement of memory. Exposure to music has incredible effects that we almost always want to take advantage of, even if not conscious of it. This is why we like to listen to music while working, while exercising and even while we aren’t doing anything at all. One of the biggest advantages that music has is to relieve pain. As a matter of fact, it is so effective that some hospitals are even starting to reduce pain through musical therapy, which significantly allows the reduction of medication during childbirth. That is an example of how amazing music is to us, how beneficial it is, and how music can help us out on, basically, everything. Essentially, music has the ability to heal our souls. When we are sad, music can makes us happy and when we are feeling laze, music can naturally give us some energy – it is the perfect medicine. Modern research even managed to confirm these types of benefits, even assuring that music can be the best prescription for the blues.

Enough about the positive effects music has on us, but a little more about what we expect. We expect amazing music to come from amazing singers who have practiced their craft for years on end, with an amazing talent. Well, that isn’t always the case and, as we can see in this video, sometimes talent alone can blow our minds away.
In the video, Celine Tam, a 5 year old girl, leaves everyone in the audience speechless as she sings “You raise me up”. The way she sings is simply amazing and her talent is the one of a person that, you’d think, would be practicing for years in order to be able to sing like that. Well, she is 5 years old, so she hasn’t been practicing for too long, which just makes it a whole lot more amazing.
According to the information we have available, Celine started to sing when she was 3 years old and since then has managed to become as amazing was we are able to see in the video. Who knows what this little girl might become one day. Using her amazing talent, if properly practiced and supported, she can even be one of the greatest musicians who have ever lived – and we were able to see her just when she was 5 years old. Imagine that, being able to see history in the making, and being blown away by it, at the same time we think it is super cute.

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