4 Golden Retrievers Line Up At The Door. Wait Till You See What They Do.


The Golden Retrievers in this video could teach people to have patience in the bank line up.

Instead of bouncing around on the front porch after their walk; the four pets line up single file at the door and patiently wait to have their paws wiped. Amazingly the owner does not have to pick up their feet to clean them; the dogs are trained to lift their paws.

The dog at the front of the line lifts his paw and the owner wipes it. In turn the dog lifts each of his paws and stands quite still while the owner cleans with a cloth.
When all four paws are cleaned he is allowed into the house. The lineup of dogs moves ahead in a perfectly orderly fashion. Each dog steps forward one dog length and settles into their patient stance. The second dog takes his place for his turn to receive the paw cleaning.

The dog at the end of the line patiently waits the whole time until it is his turn. He doesn’t try to cut in line, he doesn’t whine or get restless. It is amazing dog behavior.

It is so cute to see the video of the four golden retrievers patiently standing in line, and moving ahead in such an orderly fashion. One would think they were waiting for a special treat not to just get their paws wiped. But what the video really shows is the amazing skill the owner has at dog training.

This must have taken a lot of practice to teach each of these dogs the collection of skills required to perform this feat each time they come home from a walk. They had to be trained to stand still, stay in a straight line, move up to the cleaning spot, lift one paw and hold it up while it was cleaned, and to move up the correct amount as each dog was let in house.

Once the dogs are in the house their calm demeanor continues. They stand inside the doorway window watching their mates get prepared for entering the house. Soon all the paws are clean and the whole family is inside without the frustration of muddy footprints.

Many people give their dog’s paws a quick wipe with a rag before they let them in the house. Most dogs cooperate and don’t pull away but the behavior of these four dogs is a step above.

They could teach humans appropriate queuing behavior.

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