4 Armed Men Enter Their House At Midnight, What Their Dog Did Is Incredible!


People love to have a dog residing in their homes, for a variety of reasons. For some, it is all about providing love and affection to an animal who is in desperate need of a loving family. For others, its about having a guard dog present to keep them safe from potential intruders.


When it comes to feeling safe at the homestead, there are few dogs that can compete with a Rottweiler. These dogs are intelligent, loyal, loving and will stop at nothing to protect the people that they care for most. They are large, physically imposing creatures that make a person think twice about trying to break into certain houses.


The family in this amazing story found this out firsthand. Aryan and Kasha Weston were sound asleep in their home one night, when they were rudely awoken by pounding at their door. While they initially thought that it was simply their Rottweiler (who is named Rocky) making noise downstairs, they would soon find out that fate had something more in store for them.


Rocky did not appreciate the disturbance and began barking to let his family know that something was wrong. Aryan still did not think that anything was wrong and put the Rottweiler in the bathroom, so that he could answer the door.

From there, four men, all armed with knives, burst into the home, ready to cause serious damage. Kasha was pregnant at the time and the actions of these deranged men sent her screaming in terror. Rocky was having none of this and he busted into the room like Lassie.


Rocky, with a small assist from Aryan, successfully scared the men away and spared the lives of both his owners. Three of them took off running immediately, while the fourth man was tackled and restrained until the police arrived. Rocky did not stray from Kasha’s side, as it took her days to recover from the shock.

Luckily, Kasha’s pregnancy experienced no ill effects and she was able to carry her child to term without any difficulties. The ordeal did serve as a powerful reminder of why we keep dogs in our homes to begin with, though.


The family is glad they had Rocky in the house, and is sure to keep him close now that their young one is here. And at least one of the intruders faced justice. Good Dog! Share this incredible story with your friends too!

[h/t Pets Fans]

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