25 Breathtaking Pictures Of Birds Cuddling With Each Other For Warmth!


These birds know how to make the best of a situation. When it’s cold or windy, it’s always a good idea to sit next to each other. This will help prevent heat from escaping into the air, and keep wind damage to a minimum. It might also help the birds sleep.
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They also know how to capture the attention of the camera. All these pictures look cool. There are different species of birds forming rows on thin tree branches. The pictures are taken in different environments. There’s snowy conditions where rows of birds sit together trying to keep warm, and sunny conditions where the birds are carefree and enjoy each others’ company. Another possible reason for the group dynamics is security. A large group of birds is more intimidating than one or two birds sitting around.

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Some owls have decided to show up for the camera. You won’t see a blank stare from a tree like this. In fact, if you look closely, these owls don’t have eyeballs. Only the whites of their eyes are visible. They are probably sleeping, and the eyeballs probably rolled back in the socket.

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There’s another picture of a group of owls in a tree. This one features three different eye statuses. The owl on top has its eyes closed, the owl in the middle has one of its eyes open and the other closed, and the owl at the bottom has both its eyes open. The owl on the bottom doesn’t look happy at all with the circumstances.

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Some pictures feature outliers trying to fit into a group of similar looking birds. The birds that look the same don’t like the outsider, but that’s life. Some try to voice their opinion against the new bird, but it only falls on deaf ears. They are resigned to the situation and got to make room for the new bird, unless there’s a branch nearby. Then they can bully it until it flys to the nearby branch. This reminds me of lunch.

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There’s pictures of colorful birds with their back to the camera. These birds shouldn’t be shy, but it appears they are. One of the colorful, parakeet/canary-like species turns his head and looks at the camera with one eye. It’s not impressed.

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A second bird in this group doesn’t bother looking back at the camera at all. It is focused on the two birds with their back to the camera. One surprising notable aspect of this picture is the claws, which oddly contrasts with the colorful feathers and the branch.

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